Ball and Royal Court

The Knights of Babylon pride themselves on upholding the time-honored traditions of Carnival. Every year, immediately following the parade, Babylon stages an elaborate, invitation-only tableau ball over which Sargon and his queen preside. Knights act out vignettes that follow a narrated, orchestra-accompanied script taking each year’s unique parade theme as its inspiration. Sargon then presents the queen and her royal court. The cast of lavishly attired participants is also comprised of masked and costumed knights and the attendants of the royal court — including Sargon’s royal pages and the queen’s pages, ladies in waiting, princesses, and royal maids. After promenading before the assembled guests, Sargon and his queen take their places on the thrones at the center of the stage to complete the dazzling royal tableau. This grand tradition hearkens back to bygone era, and the Knights of Babylon are proud to faithfully continue it year after year. In addition to the tableau ball, there are many festivities leading up to the annual ball that honor the royal court — including the queen’s luncheon and the king’s party. After the ball, the court celebrates Carnival at a formal supper dance that extends into the early hours of the morning. Babylon is one of a very few mystic krewes whose parade, tableau ball and supper dance all happen consecutively and uninterrupted, creating an experience of continuous Carnival splendor and revelry for all involved in the festivities.